February 26, 2008

1st Ever Post!

Well, I have to say that i honestly never thought i'd have a blog! yikes :)
BUUUUUUUUUTTTT... my love of baking has become overwhelming! I need a place to post my projects, recipes, and photos.
So, here goes!
The picture above is from tonight's cupcake adventure, and MAN are they good!
Devil's food cake with brown sugar swiss meringue buttercream, and skor bits. yummmm
It was martha's recipe - the only thing i changed was i added another tablespoon of hot water to the cake batter at the end. Really nice and light, but a great chocolatey-ness. I'd like to try them with a really high quality cocoa - that might add to it a bit. An issue I had, was that although I tried to incorporate all the bits of the side of the mixing bowl, i missed a bit at the very bottom - so the last few cupcakes had "blow-outs" out the sides, because of the buttery-bits.
I made the buttercream from martha as well, but i used Demerara brown sugar. delicious!

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