March 6, 2008

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes!

Last night at 10pm i got home, and realized that i had told everyone at work i was making cupcakes for today! so.... i couldn't let'em down, right? heheh......
So i made Chokylit bakeshop's ultimate chocolate cupcake recipe - it's delicious! It tastes like brownie, but it's a bit lighter. SOooooooo good.
I made a peanut butter cream cheese icing to go with it. It turned out really well. I think that i would make the icing a little more peanut-buttery. I'm not sure... but when you eat the peanut butter cup first, it kind of over-powers everything, and you can only taste a slight 'hint' of peanut butter in the icing.
Update: Everyone really liked them. Rich, but not TOO rich. The cake has a really nice texture - light, but not as light as a normal chocolate cake. Very decadent.

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