May 24, 2008

Wedding Cake Extravaganza

phew..... i feel like I need to sleep for days.
My friend and I make wedding cakes for friends and family, and now have started making them for other people. This weekend we happened to have taken on a little more than we normally would.... 2 cakes. And we both have full-time jobs.
Needless to say, we are totally EXHAUSTED
But, here is one that we made (sans the floral cake topper). excuse the crappy pic... it was taken late at night on my dining room table ;)

I will post a picture of the other cake as soon as i get a copy... of course, we both forgot our camera when we left to set it up at the hotel.

here are some photos of wedding cakes we've made over the last few years:


Retro Bakery said...

WOW. I am blown away! GREAT are WAY out of my league!!!! Thank you so much for the email. It means a lot! :)

noble pig said...

I realize this is an old post but thanks for coming by my blog!

These cakes are gorgeous...I love the second one!

PinkDot said...

Thanks Cathy -
I read your blog every day! I adore your recipes, and your often-hilarious stories.

I plan on getting back on the blogging wagon soon!